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Companies employ membership programs in order to establish, maintain and retain their loyal customer base. A membership program enables them to recognize the buying behavior of their loyal customers and in turn gives customers the satisfaction of being privileged.  

If you are in the retailing industry then you might also choose to introduce membership cards for your privileged, loyal customers that would entitle them to certain discounts, reward points and other benefits. Depending on the cost of the membership program you may choose the membership card to be a plastic card similar to a credit card or it could be a colorful, paper card. Paper cards are cheaper than the plastic cards but you could use your creativity to make the plastic membership cards cost effective too.

plastic membership card printing







The plastic membership cards would have a magnetic strip that can be read by a bar code reader while they can also be chip cards or smart cards that come embedded with integrated circuits. Key tags are also another type of membership cards that are small-sized key ring cards. 

Membership cards entitle the card holder to a certain discount on an item, or maybe earn them reward points with which they can enjoy discounts on future purchase as well.   Businesses use these membership cards to track the lifestyle or the behavior of certain customer by studying the trend of purchases they make. Besides retaining customers and keep them coming back to your brand, membership cards are also a means to make your branding much more visible thereby giving a constant reminder of your presence in the market. This goes a long way in expanding your customer base. As a member uses their membership card over the counter; they may be watched over by fellow buyers who could be willing to become a member and join the royalty program in order to enjoy the privileges.

Options for Membership Cards can include:

Standard size: 2 1/8” x 3 3/8”

Standard shape: Rectangular with rounded corners

Thickness: custom

Embossing: custom

Lamination: available on both sides

Sequential numbering /serial numbering: available

Magnetic strip encoding: available

Finish: Matte, Frosted, UV coated.


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