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Door Locks & Hangers

door locks and hangers



Used widely in the Airline and Hotel Industries to designate membership status in frequency / loyalty programs. Our standard design is L x W and 60 mill thick with slot punch for easy attachment. Other shapes are available upon request. include hole or slot punch. Special finishes & coatings that allow cardholders to write personal information on the reverse.
Standard card with two matching      breakaway Key Tags
Used in a variety of loyalty, frequent shopper, and membership programs.
Standard card with one matching      breakaway Key Tag
Applications include: supermarket clubs, lost and found key chain programs, library cards, health club, membership, rental car or hotel loyalty programs, or video rental.
Standard card size that breaks into three Key Tags
The standard card shape means this three-tag combination processes less expensively in standard personalization equipment. The cards' outside dimensions and thickness match a standard card.
Standard card size that break into two Key Tags

Individual key tags can be thermal printed with matching data such as serial numbers or barcodes.

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