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Eco Teslin Key Tag Card


eco teslin key tag card

Eco-Friendly Teslin Material
Our Green Eco-Friendly Plastic cards are made with material Teslin. Teslin is a waterproof, eco-friendly synthetic printing material which is recyclable and biodegradable. It is extremely strong which the strength of the lamination peel of a Teslin sheet is 2-4 times stronger than other coated synthetic and coated papers. For more details,check it up on http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Teslin_(material).

How's our teslin key tag card printed ?
We print our Teslin card products by Digital Printer. Unlike Traditional Offset printing, our new Digital Printing system does not require the production of plates or mixing of printing ink, thereby achieving quick turnaround for production of small, mixed lots. Since no plates are produced, the chemical washing and disposal of plates is not required, the amounts of waste produced are substantially reduced. 

Fast Turnaround 
As there is no artwork film or plate require on our digital printing system, we accept extremely low quantity order. With our digital print service it is now feasible for you to order from 50pcs. Production time is within 5 days upon confirmation! 

Low Cost Variable Data Printing (VDP) Service
Variable Data Printing generates more leads, build loyalty, and retain customers longer. Each marketing piece is relevant to the customer and that really pays off. Traditionally, Member data, barcodes, Photo are printed on card surface with Thermal Printer. The thermal printing costs are high and production time may extremely long (especially for Photo ID Card). By using our digital printing system, all variable data are printed together with artworks on core material by Digital Printer. There will be no extra production time for variable data printing! 

Most importantly, variable data are printed on core material and protect with overlay material. Our clients are all happy with the quality as the Photo or barcodes will not be faded out over time! 

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