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The many applications of gift cards

Everyone knows about plastic gift cards! They have become nothing less than The Next Big Thing during recent holiday seasons. And for good reason! They're convenient, affordable, and appealing to consumers. Gift cards are the perfect choice for any occasion. Small and large companies alike love them because they bring customers into their store. Once there, it's likely that customers will spend more than their gift card amount—an easy upsell for the business. And there's always the possibility that the card will become lost, stolen, forgotten about or expired. Sad for the recipient, but happy for the company that just made the profit!
Some companies use the gift card as a one-time promotional gift, while others prefer re-loadable cards in different amounts such as $25, $50 or $100. Either type can have an expiration date, if desired. Our gift cards can be printed in 1 to full color on both sides, and can be produced with a barcode or magnetic stripe programmed to work with your point of sale systems (credit card reader) software for tracking, re-loading and storing customer information (which can pulled up each time the card is swiped through the system.) Our cards can also be printed with a signature panel or numbering for customer identification purposes.

Options for your Plastic Gift Cards:

Lo or hi coercivity encoded magnetic stripes
Encoding on track 1 & 2 or on tracks 2 & 3
High-quality thermal or ink jet bar coding
Sequential numbering
Control numbers
Security scratch off panels for special promotions
Surface offset printing
High-polish over laminates
Custom die cut shapes

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