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Cards-Mart now offer custom lanyards printing services. As we know,lanyards are mainly designed for badge cards, id cards,mobile phone,or to be attached into a card holder and so on. Lanyards give you the convenience of displaying yourbadges,or for logging in and out of ID card readers. All lanyards can be customized as per your request. 


Printing Method:   thermal printing, silk printing,

Colour:   black, red,blue,green,white,yellow,PSM colour and more

Accessories:   dog clip, swivel hook,split ring or customized

Length:   250mm,700mm,800mm, 900mm, 100mm or customized

Width:   7mm, 9mm,10mm, 12mm,15mm, 16mm, 20mm, 25mm and 30mm or customized

Materia:   Polyester, Nylon

Package:  100pcs per bag or as requested


Please feel free to contact cards-mart if you have any questions on lanyards printing.



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