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Loyalty Cards


loyalty card printing

A loyalty card program is an excellent marketing tool for rewarding current customers and attracting new ones. You can use loyalty card to rewards customers with discounts and rebates for their repeated business, while providing sellers with information about the customer's purchasing patterns. Customers register and then are given a card that they present whenever they make a purchase. Both the seller and the consumer profit from these programs. Customers receive discounts or rebates and sellers receive information that enables them to offer their customers the products that they prefer. The program thus achieves the objectives of rewarding most frequent customers and ensuring repeat purchase. A win-win situation results with both buyer and issuer gaining.


Loyalty cards and membership cards with personalized information add tremendous value to customer service and strengthen a company's brand recognition.


Loyalty card printing options: 



signal panel

rfid chips or contact ic chip

magnetic stripe



metallic gold or silver

transparent clear or frosted effect





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