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Paper Economy Cards

We strives to make sure that no matter your business you can develop a card program to increase sales, increase traffic, make an impression, and expand your marketing reach.
Utilizing the latest in digital printing technology cards-mart.com is now offering 10 mil paper economy cards. These durable cards are printed on our Digital Press allowing us to offer Plastic Economy Card Options on a Paper Economy Card.
3.375" x 7.25 12pt paper tear of bottom gloss coated 4 color process
Now you can make the move to plastic cards economically. cards-mart.com is now offering the latest in digitally printed 12 mil plastic cards which we call our “economy card” line. Our economy cards allow you to print up to 4-colors and include such value added features as:
Bar Coding
Signature Panel
Now even the smallest businesses and organizations can have the look and feel of plastic cards for their
Gift Cards
Membership Cards
VIP Cards

And many other applications in which plastic cards are used!

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