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Photo ID Cards


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ID photo cardss are certainly nothing new in our hustle-bustle world, but there was a time when they were limited mostly to conventions, big parties, and high-security government facilities. Nowadays identification photo cardss are common not only in these environments, but in most workplaces and even hospitals and schools as well. Whether you're a student or employee, if you're not carrying around a plastic security photo cards with your name and photo on it, you're unlikely to gain access to where you want to go. These little custom name photo cardss that we sometimes take for granted, offer us a form of security which has become critical in a world where personal safety and wellbeing is taken very seriously.

Photo ID cards can contain your logo, a black and white or colorful photo and variable text. It makes you or your staff looking more professional as well as help to control public access on location. Digital printing, photos are clearer, colour is more durable compared with thermal printer.

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