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RFID Blocking card

RFID blocking card & RFID blocking holder are designed to Block RFID Readers from scanning your credit cards, Debit cards, Banking Information, Smart cards, RFID driver’s licenses and other RFID Cards. Sandwich (up to 6) cards between the 2 RFID Blocking cards. We can block the frequency from 10Mhz to 20Mhz.


RFID blocking holder


How to use it ?
Put RFID High Frequency blocked card together with your smart cards, e-bank card and passport,or put your card into our RFID blocking holder, then the signal of your cards will be blocked ,the criminals can not steal your information whatever reader they use. To protect your information save ,there have some requirement of the using environment.
Product Datasheet : 
Blocking distance:inside 10mm(depend on working condition)
Customize printing ,number printing.
Our RFID Blocking Cards can help keep your credit Card and debit cards safe from radio waves and remote RFID scanning with the Blocking Card. Drawing energy from any RFID scanner within range, the Blocking Card instantly creates a surrounding electronic field making all 13.56MHz cards virtually invisible to RFID & NFC scanners.

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