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RFID Clamshell Card


rfid clamshell card




LF/ HF/UHF operational frequency chips are available.

Magnet can be packaged in clamshell card.


Read/Write Device

LF card uses RF01, GP8F reading module.

HF card uses R/W device which is compatible to ISO014443 or ISO015693.

UHF card uses R/W device whiceh is compatible to ISO 18000-6B or ISO18000-6C


Power supply

Passive chips.

Obtains power by card coil through the magnetic field from RFID reader head antenna.



Patrol system, Attendance system, Access control System, and etc.



Material ABS+PVC

Dimension 85.6mm x 54mm x 1.8mm

Color white, can be customized in bulk

Printing silkscreen, offset printing, electronic printing

Packing 100pieces/box, 2000pieces/carton

Coding laser code, inkjet code

0123456789 123,45678

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