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RFID Inlay

Cards-Mart manufacture RFID inlay for many foreign RFID card manufacturer. Here are some popular RFID inlay. 


Our RFID inlay dimension can be customized. The material can be ABS, PVC and PET. Chips can be LF 125KHz to HF 13.56MHz. Normal used chips are Mifare 1k, Mifare 4k, Mifare ultralight,Mifare ultralight c,Mifare desfire 2k,4k,8k, Icode sli, Icode 2,Mifare plus 2k,4k, Ti2048, FM1108, EM4100、EM4200、EM4305、EM4450、TK4100、T5577、Hitag1、Hitag2、Hitags CET5500, and other chips.

 3x6 RFID Inlay

3x6 HF RFID inlay
 3x7 RFID Inlay
3x7 LF RFID inlay
 3x8 RFID Inlay
3x8 HF RFID inlay
 4x4 RFID Inlay
4x4 HF RFID inlay
 5x5 RFID Inlay
5x5 RFID inlay


Our RFID Inlay can be also customized. Please feel free to contact Cards-Mart.

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